Driver’s issued DWI summonses need to be aware of the technical defenses necessary in order to properly defend themselves against DWI charges. Only a skilled defense attorney can cast doubt on the State’s case.


Loss of License Significant Fines Points Surcharges Jail Time

Andrew J. Blair has for 27 years represented those wrongfully accused of Driving While Intoxicated. Did the police officer have probable cause to pull you over?  Was the breathalyzer properly administered and maintained? Did you truly refuse to take the breathalyzer?

This firm works closely with retired members of law enforcement who are trained experts in DWI defenses. It is crucial that your case be evaluated by a trained expert before you risk exposure to significant loss of license and in some instances jail.

Andrew J. Blair has recently been successful in the New Jersey Appellate Division in challenging police officers for wrongfully stopping a vehicle. The charges were ultimately dismissed. State of New Jersey v. Mark W. Maclay

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