There are many programs available to juveniles which are not always offered by the prosecutor unless they are properly represented. Andrew J. Blair has had over 27 years of experience in handling these types of matters. The most famous case is the Hail Mary murder case, which occurred in Clifton, New Jersey.

If your son or daughter has never been in trouble before, a juvenile arrest can be a scary experience for a family to have to go through. If your child has been in trouble before, the penalties can be devastating to a teenager. 

Juvenile Vandalism Charges Juveniles Facing Assault Charges Drug Possession
Juveniles Charged with Misdemeanors Juvenile Robbery Juvenile Physical Assault
Juveniles Charged with Selling Drugs Juvenile Theft Crimes Tried as an Adult
Defense for Juvenile Felony Charges Juvenile Murder and Homicide Defense Juvenile Probation

It is imperative that you hire an experienced juvenile defense attorney to guide them through the juvenile justice system.