Andrew J. Blair was the first attorney in the State of New Jersey to be filing PIP arbitrations on behalf of providers. He began filing arbitrations in 1992. At that time he was chosen by the American Arbitration Association to serve on their advisor council where he was able to re-draft the arbitration rules and participate in the selection process of the present arbitration panel of arbitrators.

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Just researching about the unpaid PIP claim collection process can be a daunting task for a medical provider. Let me help you by explaining the process.

Dear Medical Provider,

As the first attorney in the State of New Jersey to specialize and devote my practice to protecting the interest of medical providers, I welcome the opportunity to meet with you. Since 1992 I have collected hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of Chiropractors, Surgery Centers, MRI facilities, Orthopedic Surgeons, Durable Medical Equipment providers, Pain Management facilities and Dental practices.

My firm prides itself on constant communication with the medical providers, keeping them abreast of the status of their cases from the initial appeal process to the settlement and payment. In addition, we review your files to make sure all the necessary documentation has been provided in order to maintain our 95% success rate. There is absolutely no fee to the provider for my firm's legal services. We will also file PLGA cases on your behalf.

We specialize in assisting the provider in the appeals process, as well as, determining the proper coverage. The appeals process is an obstacle created by the insurance industry to make your collection difficult. Each insurance carrier has distinctive appeal requirements. We see to it that you and your staff are put at ease in complying with these requirements. These obstacles should not prevent your practice from being fully compensated for your care. I urge you to call my office to set up a free consultation on how we can create an immediate, increased cash flow for your practice.

Very truly yours,

Andrew J. Blair

Andrew J. Blair, Esq.


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When AICRA (Automobile Insurance Cost Reduction Act) was implemented Andrew Blair was asked by the president of the arbitration forum to participate on the committee to redraft the present day arbitration rules and to expand the panel of arbitrators. He continues to represent medical providers in PIP arbitration and specializes in in advising providers on how to improve their billing and documentation, maximizing the percentage of collection on each claim.

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